Build rapport

What is meant by Rapport?

Rapport is a feeling like you are on the same wavelength as the other person. Sometimes it happens very naturally, for instance, you meet someone for the first time, within a second you feel, you like that person..

Have you ever noticed some people are very good at getting on well with other people? Sometimes they do not have a common interest or a background. But, they create a bond with others easily, they communicate harmoniously. It means a rapport is already formed. How does it happen? Can you learn the art of building rapport with the people around you? Yes, you can.

How can you build rapport?

You can build rapport with other people through verbal communications, I mean the words you use with them. And by non-verbal communication like your physiology. And also, by voice.

You can build rapport over time, or shortly after you met someone. Do you want to progress? Learn to build rapport with the people around you. It brings a feeling of trust and perception in your communication. Building rapport with the world around you, help you succeed in life.

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