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Nine Easy Ways To Manage Your Stress

Do you want to lead a happier and healthier life? Just learn to manage your stress. Why? Because a high level of stress destroys your physical and emotional health. So, find out ways to manage your stress and create a balanced life. If your life is balanced, you will have more time for work, relationships, recreation, and fun.

A healthier and happier life

Have you ever thought, what causes stress in your life?

1. Identify Stressors

Is it losing your job? Are you going through a divorce? Are you currently facing challenges of parenting,? Is it re-location? Unable to meet work deadlines due to procrastination?  Lack of time to help your child to complete that challenging homework project? Are you desperately trying to lose weight? Or Is it an upcoming exam or a presentation or sales target?

It doesn’t matter, whatever your challenges are…

  • Do you blame others for your stress?
  • Do you think stress is a natural part of life?

No matter whatever your thoughts are if you feel your stress level is totally out of control. Find out ways to avoid your stressors like the plague! Here’s how:

2. Journaling

Start a journal on your stressors. Numerous studies have shown that you can relieve some stress by journaling.

Each time you feel stressed just write about it. What triggered it? How did you behave in that situation? What have you done especially at that time to get a better feeling?

You may be able to see the patterns that are occurring. It enables you to recognize, the people or situations that constantly cause stress in your life. This might make you aware to seek much-needed help.

3. Practice forgiveness

Accept the fact that no one is perfect in this world. So, learn to forgive when people make mistakes and just move on. If you are a perfectionist, learn to set a reasonable standard for yourself and others. And remember to appreciate your good qualities and talents. Recognize it and be grateful for your worthiness.

4. Make time for physical exercises

Daily exercises make you feel good. It helps you to get distracted from your worries. When you exercise your brain releases a chemical called endorphins it makes you feel good.

Different research shows that regular exercise can change attitudes, it makes you more optimistic and happier. Having an exercise routine is always a good way to combat stress and prevent it from happening.

Exercises strengthen our resistance and it increases the energy levels. Besides, exercise relaxes our muscles.

It also increases blood circulation in your body and it helps you think clearly. You can try walking, jogging and dancing. Avoid smoking and limiting alcohol are very good decisions to control and manage your stress levels.   

5. Eat Healthy

Include wholemeal bread, Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins such as chicken and fish in your diet. Limit the consumption of ice-creams or sweets.

Make sure your diet provides you enough amount of vitamins, minerals, brain nutrients and water for your wellness.

Healthy people will have more energy and keep up with long brain activities. A good level of energy will help you cope better with life when you are going through stressful situations.   

6. Managing time

Your time is valuable. Learn to utilize your time effectively and wisely so, you can get more things done, it makes you feel better about yourself. At this point, you may feel less stressed.

Identify your distractions such as constant monitoring of personal text messages and e-mails, listening to music and youtube watching during your working hours.

Never wait until the last minute to complete your project instead complete ahead of the deadline. Find out what time of the day, you have a high level of energy and concentration, make use of that time to do your challenging tasks.

If you find yourself procrastinating on difficult tasks or assignments, break up into manageable parts. For e.g., if you require 4 hours to complete a presentation, instead of trying to do the whole task in a 4-hour time block, break it into manageable parts and do it.

Remember to schedule a time to relax, it would rejuvenate you mentally and physically. Do not take more than you can handle. Check out what are the tasks you can delegate.

7. Smile

Do you know smiling is stress a buster? Because many scientific studies said that smiling elevates your mood.

Smiling is a positive facial expression and it attracts people toward you. It also reduces your stress level. When you are stressed, take a moment and put a smile on your face.

8. Sleep

What happens to your mind and body when you sleep? Your muscles relax, brain activities slow down. Your body and mind get energized after a good night’s sleep. So, always remember to get 7 or more hours of sleep.

Make time for healthy relaxing activities every day. It helps your body and mind to calm down and it leads to good night’s sleep.

Reduce the consumption of coffee by afternoon because lowered confine level is good to promote sleep.

Look at your stressful situation with a positive perspective and use reframing to give a better meaning. Get good sleep to keep your energy level high, maintain a good level of concentration, which in turn helps you perform well in your jobs.

9. Spiritual Practice

It is helpful for managing your stress. You can incorporate ancient practices such as Yoga, Meditations, Qigong, Tai chi and Reiki in your spiritual practice.

More than calming your minds, it leads you to self-growth, along the way you learn to manage anything that comes in your way. All these practices relax and re-energizes your Mind and Body.

Use all these effective tools for lowering stress and manage your life. You’ll soon feel happier, more efficient and more productive, which will lead you to greater opportunities.

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