Are you looking for more clarity, reducing your stress, controlling your anxiety, increasing self-awareness, reduce age-related memory loss and better sleep?

If so, you are in a right place, and reading the right material.

Learning Meditation is just like learning any other skill. It is not specifically hard to learn. Before assigning the label, it is hard to meditate, or I have lots of thoughts coming up.

May I invite you to pause for a second and go through these questions.

  • How many times you meditate or sit for meditation? 

  • Have you done it regularly at least for a week? 

  • When you sat for meditation, what did you feel? 

  • What did you find out?

This is the first step, sit for meditation and commit to it, without taking this crucial step, you cannot progress to the next step. 

While taking this first step, think of an instance, you were a total beginner. It could be a driving lesson, learning a new language, attending the first piano, or violin lesson.

Just pause and reflect on how many things you mastered so far. Did it happen instantly? Did you allow yourself some time, to get familiar with the process of new learnings? Model the same here too, are you ready to trust the process? Are you kind to yourself?

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