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Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation, Metta meditation, or Loving Friendly meditation is a Buddhist meditation. Regular practice of loving-kindness meditation generates kindness toward yourself and all other beings in the world including the difficult person in your life.

While practicing Loving Kindness Meditation, you are chanting some phrases to yourself and all other beings in the world. Like the rest of the meditations, Loving Kindness Meditation is very useful for physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. And it is beneficial to cultivate a positive attitude towards yourself and the rest of the world.

Loving Kindness Meditation helps you get a heightened feeling of joy, inner peace, compassion, love, and gratitude.

Example phrases are:

May you be safe.

May you be happy.

May you be strong.

May you be healthy. While chanting these phrases, keep your focus on these words, and be mindful of the emotions associated with them. What happens in this process? We are spreading love and kindness to all the beings in the world.

Why do you do this?  You do it for your inner joy and peace and your focus is going inward.

Regular practice brings out your positive emotions, and it has a ripple effect, others around you also benefit from your positive change, because there is an interconnectedness between you and the rest of the world.  

3 Benefits of Loving Kindness or Loving Friendliness Meditation.

3 Benefits of Loving Kindness or Loving Friendliness Meditation.

Increases Self Compassion

When you practice Loving Kindness Meditation you repeat certain positive phrases that increase your self-compassion, and compassion towards the rest of the world. Slowly, it helps you to lower your negative emotions such as self-criticism, fear, anger, etc.

Promotes your social and nature connections.

Regular practice of Loving Friendliness Meditation increases your social connectedness. It increases your personal feeling of belonging and closeness in your relationships with others and nature. Regular practice of Loving Kindness Meditation opens your heart to your near and dear ones and then to others.

Brighten Your Complexion.

As you practice Loving Kindness Meditation, your inner peace, and joy increase. Your face is like a mirror, and it reflects what is going on in your mind.

If you are sad, that sadness will be shown on your face. If you are irritated, it reflects irritation on your face. If your mind is filled with calmness and joy, it will show on your face. 

The positive vibes created through Loving-Kindness Meditation nurture whole beings. You appear calm and peaceful.

3 Ways to cultivate Loving Kindness or Loving friendliness.

“Always be mindful of the kindness and not the faults of others.”



When you let your mind engage with feelings of love, kindness, and friendliness, there is no place for fear and displeasure in your mind. You can practice it alone, or in a group. You can do it while standing in a line or waiting for something or someone or traveling. All you have to do is mentally repeat phrases like May I/you/we be happy. Repetition of these simple phrases fills your mind with love, Kindness, and friendliness. Gradually it becomes your second nature. 


What do you do to grow a plant in your garden? First, you prepare the land by removing weeds and nurturing the soil. Then sow the seeds or bulbs and take good care of them until it blossoms. Similarly, with great care you let your mind think of loving thoughts, acts of kindness, and friendliness.  Consistent practice is key to bring love, compassion, and comradeship to your mind.


Love, kindness, and friendliness are experiential. You can experience it by practicing it. To sense these feelings first you may choose to engage your mind in unconditional love, compassion, and friendliness towards yourself. As the old saying goes Experience is the best teacher it will teach you more and more. Gradually it becomes your habit and you feel calmness and inner joy.

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 Reference: Loving-Kindness in Plain English.

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