Life Coaching

Who goes to a life coach ?

People whose ultimate goal is growth and success in different areas of their life.

What are the different kinds of people looking for life coaching ?

People who feel lost and stuck or they cannot see the path forward. Perhaps some are overly concerned about their procrastination, inner conflict, limiting beliefs or lack of motivation. There are some, who are capable of managing a team very well, but they need someone to hold them accountable, assist them to get out of their comfort zone, to improve their performance and to give them unbiased feedback.

What do life coaches do ?

Life coaches act as facilitators. Life coaches can guide clients towards what they really want to do and what gives them the most satisfaction. Often, clients discover they aren’t pursuing the goals that have greater importance to them. Life coaches are trained to listen very carefully, provide honest feedback, observing behavioural patterns and asking meaningful questions. Life coaches assist clients to prioritise their challenges and responsibilities, resulting in setting fresh goals, creating a balance in their busy lives. They also provide enthusiastic support in every step of the way. Furthermore, they assist clients to do a self-analysis to see their inner strength and true potential which in turn helps them to find suitable solutions. As a life coach, I would like to work with people who want to better themselves. I bring with me a wealth of practical experiences and my client list includes people from all walks of life.

What does a life coach have in common with her / his client ?

The common denominator is that they both welcome growth and success thereby possibly achieving the best of the best in different areas of their life.

How will I help you as your coach ?

As your coach, I help you stay focused on the right track to achieve your goals and be more effective in maintaining meaningful relationships and co-operation with others. I believe that when my clients succeed, I succeed. I am a trained life coach, I am not a licensed counsellor therapist nor do I intend to work as a counsellor or therapist. I will help you be aware that this is not a time to brood over your faults or past failures, but to be clear and focused on what you need to do to fulfil your goals and achieve success. In brief, this is the time to take action to live your life with confidence and courage.

As a relationship coach

I will help you develop strong and healthy relationships with the people who are important in your life by breaking self-limiting patterns, building confidence and trust, creating rapport, re-kindling love and creating passion.

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