Setting Goals

Do you want an effective way to live a meaningful life?

First, you be clear on what you want, then set a goal to achieve your desired outcome. The next step is to make an action plan, and follow it through until you achieve it.

Do you always set goals and not able to achieve your goals?

The first step is examining your goal.

Ask these questions, Is it your own goal?
Is it important for you?
What is stopping your progress?
Find out, Is your goal realistic and achievable?

If it is a positive and achievable goal, find out your blocks that hold you back from achieving your goal. 

Firstly, work on removing these blocks, if you cannot do it alone seek help from others.

Benefits of setting and achieving goals:

Setting goals give you a sense of clarity and determination. Moreover, achieving your goal gives you personal satisfaction, and it increases your self-confidence level.

When you have compelling goals, your attention goes to your goals, and it prompts you to take actions, eventually, it leads to the accomplishment of your goals. So, setting and achieving goals maintains your focus.

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