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Nine Easy Ways To Manage Your Stress

Do you want to lead a happier and healthier life? Just learn to manage your stress. Why? Because a high level of stress destroys your physical and emotional health. So, find out ways to manage your stress and create a balanced life. If your life is balanced, you will have more time for work, relationships, […]

Your Assertiveness Impact your own life

Being assertive is a skill, that you can develop with practice. What is Assertiveness? It is an interpersonal skill. If you are assertive, you will be able to stand up for your rights confidently. At the same time, you may respect other’s viewpoints, needs, and rights. You are clear, direct and honest in your approach. […]

How to inspire your teenager to set goals

As you all know, Teen years bring many changes in your children such as physical, mental, emotional, social. Perhaps, you have just noticed, your teenaged son or daughter started to think intellectually. It means your teenager is ready to make plans and set goals. Your teens need your love, support, and encouragement. You can turn […]