Padmaja Indian holistic life Coach in USA

Padmaja Mohan is a graduate of Robbins-Madanes Training.

Padmaja holds a NLP Practitioner certificate from NLP trainer Carol Talbert, NLP Master Practitioner certificate from Sue Night Books and Talks.

Padmaja is also a Traditional Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki Master Teacher. Padmaja is level 2 Qi Gong practitioner.

She got in touch with Crystal Healing, meditations and mindfulness too.



Thank you for being here.

I am Padmaja Mohan. Your Holistic Life Coach.

I am a Holistic Life Coach who is on a mission to assist people in realising their own unique talents, strengths, passions and inner power and in utilising it to design their own compelling future.

I believe that every one of you has the ability to make positive changes in your life. You are an expert on your life and you know what are your aspirations. Being aware of your own inner strength, getting connected to your own true self is the key to your ultimate success.

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I had been desperately searching for an inspiring light on my path for 15 years. I struggled with health issues. Most of the time, I was in and out of the hospitals undergoing different diagnostic tests.

On the top of that, I met with a medical accident and I was bedridden. I had to undergo an unexpected major surgery. But it was successful and I got back my mobility. However, this incident stole all my vitality, ambition, self-love, self -belief, confidence and creativity from within me. I fell flat and totally fearful of everything. It was a very tough time, I hit my rock bottom. I was a young wife and parent with two small children.

Back in 2007, I have stumbled upon an article about a Reiki Meet up in Dubai while I was staying there. I attended that meeting, it fascinated me a lot and I was initiated to Reiki. It gave me a head start. I have become a Usuai and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher within a couple of years.

After that I attended Neuro Linguistic Practitioner Program conducted by Carol Talbert in Dubai. I continued my journey of NLP with another Teacher Sue Knight and I am certified as a NLP master Practitioner in 2011.

I benefited a lot from the strategies and techniques that I got from all these trainings. It fired me up, Be the best and extract best from myself has become my mantra since then.

The insights, wisdom and strategies I gained through all these trainings helped me in identifying and acknowledging my down time and in keeping myself on my track to accomplish the goals that I have set for myself.

It transformed my life tremendously and I regained my true self and started to glow with self confidence and courage! I felt more inner joy and calmness. My inner strength has been spreading light on my path since then.

I expanded my limits and was able to see new possibilities that existed beyond my financial and health challenges.

It changed my perception about me, the people around me and the world in general. I learned to see difficult situations in a different perspective. I could see, feel and hear more possibilities around me all day every day.

I became more energetic and at peace with myself, and stepped up to live my life gracefully with the belief that I am the expert of my life. I become a motivational master to me and others as well. I broke through self-restricting beliefs, inner conflict, fears that stopped me from living the life I deserve and dreamed of.

I learned to communicate effectively with myself and others. I learned to build rapport with myself and others and it helped me enormously to achieve my goals.

Seeing my struggles in a different perspective is the first step in reclaiming my personal power and it led me to the path of self-discovery and recovery. I got my life back in order. I began providing support and assistance to others in solving their problems.

I learned a lot from my own experiences, how to uplift myself, inspire myself, heal myself, energise myself and my goals. How to take charge of my thought process. Gradually, this process gifted me a new holistic skill sets that I use in coaching work. I always have an innate curiosity for the growth of other people. The coupling of my holistic skill sets and innate curiosity for personal growth inspired me to choose life coaching as my career.

Maybe you are embarrassed, failed to notice and appreciate your unique strengths, experiencing lack of confidence or you are exhausted, really longing for some self-care, or trying to get connected with your inner power. Does it resonate with you personally? Since I have been there, I know at this point, we all need some support and assistance to appreciate and motivate ourselves.

My coaching concept is a blend of eastern philosophy and strategic Intervention coaching that I created based on my experience and trainings in strategic intervention coaching and various other holistic modalities.

I am very passionate about women’s success and my speciality is to support women to uncover their passion, feel empowered, build their self-confidence, nurture themselves and their relationships, be a better parent and a better human being.
The world needs women like you, who are gifted and inspired, who are actively looking for solutions to make a positive difference in your own life’s and others.

As a Women’s Holistic Success Coach, I help women to be empowered and successful by gaining increased self-awareness, self-love, self-confidence, and also to overcome conflicts, learn to make decisions, and create closeness in their relationships.

This is the right moment for you to step up and get the ball rolling !

May I invite you to book your free discovery session.