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Women’s holistic success coach

Finding out empowering solutions to the normal stress of everyday life, with the help of Women’s Holistic Success Coach, shows your strength and courage.

Are you looking for someone to hold your hands every step of the way in your journey, the journey of discovery, that enables you to live a fulfilling life? Move from stuck to growth.

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Just ask yourself:

  • Have you ever appreciated your strengths and talents?
  • Do you want to feel confident and take the ownership of your life?
  • Do you want to generate new ideas and open up new doors?
  • Do you want to enter into a place of inspiration and empowerment?
  • Do you want to create a new sense of clarity and accountability?
  • What determines the success of your relationship?

Are you ready to explore your true potential and inner strength to reach the next level of success ?

As your success coach, I will help you find strategies that will guide you to re-align your momentum to speed up your progress.

Life coaching is a series of empowering conversations and through these guided conversations, a certified and skilled coach leads the clients to better self-insights, and new possibilities. It enables the client to take concrete decisions and inspired actions, which will result in success.

The strategies, you learned in these coaching sessions often become a set of tools for life that you can recall any time to combat negative thoughts, modify undesired habits, strengthen self-confidence and therefore, keep yourself on track to build the life of your choice.

What are some goals you may need to accomplish ?

If you are like most, you may desire to fulfil goals such as cultivating a caring and loving relationship, adopting a healthier lifestyle, being physically fit, losing weight, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, quality parenting or managing stress.

Perhaps, you may want to handle the work environment, establish boundaries, get over a break-up, manage grief and disappointment, improve public speaking skills, or learn to get organised.

When I coach my clients to achieve their goals I use holistic coaching approach that establishes an equal partnership, nurturing their self-awareness through meaningful questions, strategies, and techniques. This way of coaching helps clients to make innate decisions, from within themselves and it enables them to take inspired actions that lead to successful solutions.

Life coaching focuses on the now. What you can change in the present will help you produce fulfilling results very shortly. The changes that you make right now will result in lasting transformations.

Sometimes these changes could be as simple as to get rid of your self-limiting beliefs, your tendency to under-perform or over-perform, focusing on the past, self-defeating thoughts, battle with will power, procrastination, crippling fears, etc.


Are you unhappy in your current state ?


Do you want to be in a more productive and encouraging state ?


Are you ready to enjoy your next level of performance ?

If you answer is yes, then take your first step now, this is the perfect time!

Every client is unique; therefore, every coaching session is unique. No matter, whatever challenges and aspirations, you are going through, your coach will help you stay focused on your goals and assist you in finding solutions to anything that you may consider as insurmountable obstacles. As your coach, I will act as your accountability buddy, reminding you to stay on track to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

I invite and encourage you to rise above your challenges, tune into your inner power and utilise your true potential to enjoy the life of your dreams.

Client Testimonials

Indian holistic mind coaching in New York USA

“Padmaja has been an extraordinary help on my life journey. She has given me clarity in many different areas of my life and has given me some great exercises and techniques to use for my self-improvement. It makes a huge difference to have someone hold you accountable to reaching your goals and to be there with support and guidance, especially during challenging times in life. I resonated with Padmaja’s coaching on a spiritual level and highly recommend her to anyone looking to become the best version of themselves!”

Katherine / USA
Indian holistic mind coaching in New York USA

“Padmaja is an amazing life coach. She is very empathic and professional. Takes her time to really understand one’s issues. My sessions with her helped me truly get more clarity on my life. She has a versatile tool box that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side.”

Essma / Frankfurt, Germany
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